• Red fruit cluster and berry sorting.
  • Provide staff for pressing whites, ros├ęs and finished reds.
  • Daily brix and temperature measurements during fermentation, available online.
  • Topping and monthly barrel maintenance.
  • Staff for all wine movements, racking, barrel downs, etc.
  • Organic and Biodynamic certified processing.
  • Alternating Proprietorships.


  • Open top and floating lid stainless steel tanks with cold glycol, handling 2 – 10 tons.
  • Temperature and humidity controlled barrel rooms.
  • 3 Europress bladder presses, 2 ton, 3.5 ton and 5 ton.
  • Heat exchangers.
  • Steam generators and Ozone for barrel maintenance.
  • Complete supply of cellar equipment, pumps, hoses, topping equipment, etc.
  • Nitrogen and Argon.
  • Basic wine additives, tartaric acid, DAP, Fermaid K, Water.

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