Founded in 2001, Punchdown Cellars is a Santa Rosa-based custom crush facility providing winemaking services and logistics to boutique wineries and independent vintners. The facility was based on a collective of winemakers sharing space and having the freedom to hand craft their wines. The concept was a much welcomed breakaway from the status quo in the world of custom crush.

In 2004 a series of expansions and improvements were made to take the facility to the next level. Production was increased to 75,000 cases per year, new tanks were added and fruit processing equipment was improved. These improvements coupled with our push to develop our own, in-house, web-based winemaking software have advanced our facility to the highest level of service.

We provide a full host of custom crush services for premium wine production, state-of-the-art equipment, and an innovative, client-only website that give winemakers access to winemaking archives and the ability to submit work orders remotely. Punchdown Cellars boasts an impressive client roster of 30 to 40 boutique wine producers and pride ourselves on giving each wine the same high level of detail, big or small.